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Pond Stage Productions develops successful productions such as celebrations, concerts and private music events to suit your needs, and books select talented performers.


Pond Stage Productions produce concerts for performance venues, festivals and special events.


Pond Stage Productions produce special music-based events such as music festivals  and community celebrations.


Pond Stage Productions can provide traditional music performances for wedding celebrations.

Please contact us with your requirements, and ideas and we will do our best to fulfill your needs.


McInnis’ Kitchen

McInnis’ Kitchen brings a fresh, energetic sound that is unique in the way they interpret traditional music. They have been captivating audiences with their energetic and unique blend of Irish, Scottish, Newfoundland and Canadian Maritimes Celtic traditional music that has earned them a following everywhere they perform in the US and Canada.

Their driving rhythmic music is performed on fiddle, guitar, bodhrán, button accordion. The songs often tell the stories of the people, their journeys and the sea. The energy and fun these musicians project in their performances attest to their own kitchen music roots and cultural upbringing.  They have appeared at festivals and concerts, and on radio and television in both the US and Canada.

Ninety to the Dozen

Ninety to the Dozen has earned the reputation as “Minnesota’s Favorite Irish Pub Band” from their prolific loyal followers. Their fun-loving performances and audience participation antics has kept them in demand for venues, concerts and private events.

Their music is based on the traditional music of Ireland, Newfoundland and Scotland and features song and driving fiddle music. The performers have international touring experience and feature Mark Monroe and Chuck Butler on fiddle, Cameron Butler and Sue Spencer on guitar, Randy Ellestad on button accordion, and Jim Ofsthun on guitar, bodhrán and whistles.

If you wish to book musical talent for your venue or plan a special event, please drop us a line and we we would be happy to discuss your needs.

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